Hiram Bingham Cross-Body Bag Black
Hiram Bingham Cross-Body Bag Black

Hiram Bingham Cross-Body Bag Black

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Just like with all Corroon bags, the Hiram Bingham cross-body bag has features that lets you wear it multiple ways, which makes it the ideal travel companion.  It can fit a book or an ipad, or be worn folded over.  Wrap it twice around to wear it as a waist pack.  

"Hiram Bingham was an American academic, explorer and senator who is credited with the discovery of the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu.  Many say George Lucas' character, "Indiana Jones" was based on his life. I like to think of him with a bag like this, slung with insouciance over his shoulder carrying his binoculars and a compass.  When he needed to put a little weight into clearing the jungle with his machete, maybe he would wrap the strap around his waist and wear it as a waist pack.  He doubtfully called it a 'fanny pack' as it may be known today.  A guy's machismo can only go so far.." - Kelly Corroon, Designer.

  • 13" H, (6"H when folded) x 10" W
  • Leather with leather trim
  • Zippered interior pocket